Summer Walker teases fans with new album release date

Summer Walker

Popular international superstar singer and songwriter, Summer Walker has teased her lovely fans with the release of her forthcoming studio album.

The singer is set to make a major announcement today, on the anniversary of the release of her debut studio album Over It. The LVRN-represented Atlanta singer has been teasing the arrival of her sophomore studio album for weeks and it appears as though she’s commencing her rollout, and we might already have a release date confirmed.

On her way to the Atlanta Falcons game this weekend, Summer Walker playfully shared a video strapping her hard drive into her car’s backseat, making sure that it arrives at the stadium safely. At the game, she appeared on the jumbotron and promoted the upcoming body of work. And after, she posted some custom jerseys that were given to her, which seemingly show off her upcoming album’s release date.


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Walker got two jerseys from the Atlanta Falcons: one with her name and the number eleven, and another saying “Hard Drive” with the number five. Some fans are trying to piece this information together, theorizing that Walker’s upcoming album, which may be titled Hard Drive, will be released on November 5. This date would match up with Summer’s previous admission that the album will be dropping in the next thirty days.

If there’s one thing about LVRN, it’s that they’ll ace all aspects of their artists’ rollouts. Stay tuned for more on Summer Walker’s next album as she continues to market it to the world.

Summer Walker teases fans with new album release date

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