Rev. Father Mbaka has released his priestly annointing to cease coronavirus

Rev. Father Mbaka has released his priestly annointing to cease coronavirus

The Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria leader,  Reverend Father Mbaka has released his priestly anointing on the Novel coronavirus disease that has become a global Pandemic.

There are currently 12 confirmed cases of the disease in Nigeria, and Father Mbaka known for regularly giving prayers regarding the affairs of the nation has now spoken about the novel coronavirus.

Speaking at a program at the Enugu Adoration ground during a special prayer for disease on Thursday, the cleric said :

To those who believe in God, all things are possible. No matter how it has defied people, it cannot defy God.

“Coronavirus, wherever you came from, be it any name you answer- caterpillar virus, Venza virus, corolla virus, I command you to be ceased, in the Holy Ghost fire! “Children of God, when you go home, circulate the message that a man of God known as Fr. Ejike Mbaka told you to not be afraid of coronavirus, be courageous it will soon be a thing of the past.

“Fear is a dangerous omen if you become perplexed; it shows that you don’t believe so much on God’s power. Ebola came, it died off. This one will also die off. It is like bird flu disease, it will come and go. I know that the whole world is waiting to hear for the message that will come out from this place, but the message I have is that the disease will soon go.

“Under the priestly anointing, I release healing to the entire world, particularly where the disease is ravaging so much, let there be healing, let there be sunrays always, which is one of the antidotes to the disease. God release drug that will cure it in Jesus name.

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